Ten Desserts Outside The Box

We all know wedding cakes are delicious, but what if you want to offer guests a more unique dessert experience? I'm talking about desserts literally outside of the box. Let's take a look at some memorable dessert options that put a fun twist on the classic wedding cake. 

1. cannolis


you don't have to be italian to appreciate a cannoli tower. these delicious hand helds will leave a lasting impression with all of your guests.

Image Credit: Wedding Elation

2.mini Ice Cream cups


ice cream is the most popular dessert in the united states for a reason: people love it. offer guests neat, pre-scooped ice cream jars with lots of topping choices. 

Image Credit: Wilkie

3. Chocolate Berry Cakes


chocolate and berries are always a wining duo. present guests with these stunning bite sized desserts that are both delicious and photogenic.


Image Credit: Intimate Weddings

4. milk & cookies


milk and cookies are an inseparable pair. style the timeless dynamic duo with a shooter glass and patterned paper straw for an extra pop of color.

Image Credit:: Wilkie

5. Macarons


macaron? yes, please! get creative with the color scheme of your macaron tower to leave guests in awe of the presentation. whether you do classic all ivory, ombre or rainbow, you can't go wrong with this airy dessert option.

Image Credit:: Wilkie

6. Cotton candy sticks


fluffy cotton candy is hardly resistible for anyone. serve the nostalgic dessert on a colorful paper straw or stand for beautiful photos. go crazy with flavors and color to give guests multiple options. 

Image Credit: Tastemade

7. petits fours


take your dessert to the next level with personalized petits fours. whether you add your wedding logo, date or couple initials, these desserts carry a definite wow factor everyone will love.

Image Credit: Bon Bon

8. Mini pies

Mini Pies in a Cupcake Tin_16x9.jpg

offer mini versions of your favorite pie flavors as an adorable option for something sweet.

Image Credit: Delicious

9. Banana cream jars


hello, sweet southern cooking! banana cream pie is a definite crowd pleaser for any event. this savory dessert is sure to have guests asking for more.

Image Credit: Delish

10.Dainty Dougnuts


pass out these traditional breakfast treats as a fun dessert with coffee to accompany it. either skewered on coffee spoons or set in dainty piles, guests are sure to circle back for more.

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! Be sure to comment which cake alternative was your favorite. 

always more to come!

-Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell