Choosing Your Color Palette

You're newly engaged, it's one of the most exciting times of your life to date, and you cannot wait to start planning a wedding. BUT you're already being bombarded by questions from everyone from your family to the barista who spotted the ring on your finger. 


The main questions you will run into are: "what's your wedding date?", "where are you getting married?", and "what is your color palette?"All of these come with their own complications, but the third is much more open ended and ultimately is the decision that shapes the style & mood of your wedding.

Kind of intimidating, right? 

Well your friends at The Southerly Warehouse have come up with our own guide you to help you decide!

1. What season are you getting married in?

When you search wedding palettes, you will most likely find that they are often described by a season. Below are some of the colors most popular for each season, as well as colors that work well no matter what season it is!


Screenshot (6).png

Your winter colors will be darker and cooler. Lots of blues, greens & purples as well as dark reds that go well with the holidays and the cooler weather.


Screenshot (7).png

Spring is the time for pastels, of any and every color! Flowers are blooming and leaves are growing back, it's all very soft & new.


Screenshot (4).png

Summer is the opportune time to be bright & bold. Hot pink, lime green, aqua blue, the list goes on and on. As the temperature increases people tend to wear brighter colored clothing that doesn't absorb as much heat as darker colors would, so summertime has been marked by those bright colors.


Screenshot (2).png

The colors of Fall very directly reflect the colors of the leaves as they start to change color. It is a very earthy color palette filled with dark greens and browns as well as toned down shades of red. 

Colors for all seasons:

Screenshot (8).png

These neutral colors pair well with any season and are good to use as base colors. They can also serve as a starting block if you are unsure of where to begin! 

2. Is your wedding traditonal & romantic, modern & chic, or boho & carefree (or none of the above)?

If you are unsure of your color palette, but instead have a style or atmosphere that you want for your wedding day, you can fit your colors to your style instead of vice versa. Below are some inspiration photos of bouquets & wedding decor that will show you some staple colors for various types of weddings. 

Traditional & Romantic: 

This style is dominated by a lot of pure white and ivory, with touches of light pink and orange throughout. Pair that with a lot of greenery & you are on your way to a wedding that feels timeless and classic. 

Modern & Chic: 

The colors that appear often in a modern wedding are green, gold, white, and black. This allows for the use of interesting, geometric centerpieces as well as the use of succulents to add a twist to your flowers.

VIA:  MYwedding

Boho & Carefree

A more carefree wedding has multiple pops of color (pinks, reds, oranges, whatever!) as well as a wider variety of decor and color shades that all fit together in a beautiful way. 

If you are considering a style different from these, we suggest you research bouquets or decor from whatever style fits you best! This will help to give you inspiration on what color scheme best fits your special day.

3. What is your favorite color?

I think that this is the most important question of them all! What color do you find most in your closet? What color would you say describes you as a person, or you & your loved one as a couple? What color have you always found yourself drawn to? 

INCLUDE THIS COLOR IN YOUR WEDDING PALETTE. This cannot be stressed enough. 

If you love love love light blue, but your parents love red, and your grandmother says you can't have light blue for a Winter wedding, and your best friend's favorite color is pink... go with light blue. 

This is your day, no one else's, and it should ultimately be a reflection of your own style. Taking your favorite color and pairing it with an "all" color is the perfect start to a palette as well as a good way to begin making other decisions if you feel lost on where to start!

All in all, choose colors that make you happy, and when you look back in ten years on your wedding day you are certain you made the right decision!

wishing you the best!

-grace moody

Grace Moody