Creative Place Card Ideas

Let's talk place cards and escort cards! First off, what's the difference? 

Place cards contain the name of your guest and are placed at their specific seat. Guests locate their fixed assigned seat by finding their place card. 

Wedding Wire says, "for couples hosting a plated dinner, place cards often make it easier for the serving staff to bring the correct meals to the guests—the place card can also be marked with their entrée choice." 

classic place card on plate

classic place card on plate

In comparison, escort cards show guests their assigned reception table rather than a specific seat. Escort cards allow guests to pick their seat at the table you choose for them. 

escort card shows assigned table

escort card shows assigned table

Out of town visitors (who may not know many other guests at your event) will find it helpful to have a predetermined seat or table. Both place cards and escort cards can leave a lasting impression with guests. 

But place cards do not have to be on actual cards! Switch things up and get creative with your assigned seating. Below are some of our favorite unique place and escort cards we know you'll love! 

1) Succulents

Using succulents to assign your seating is a memorable way to welcome guests to your reception. 

Julia's Pro Tip: These fun succulents double as wedding favors! Let guests carry their succulents to their seats and take them home after your send off. 


2) Agates

We love the idea of using agates in the place of traditional paper cards. There are a wide variety of colors offered for agates and geodes. From pink to blue and purple, you are sure to find the color that compliments your color scheme. 

place card.jpg

3) Marble Hexagons

It's no surprise that marble is trending right now. We love incorporating the marble pattern with geometrical shapes. These place cards are sure to make a big impression with all of your guests. Plus, they double as customized coasters! 

Click here to DIY these gorgeous marble hexagons. 

place 7.jpg

4) Real Leaves

In contrast to the take home "place card" ideas, we also love a great disposable place card design.

Using real leaves is a fresh twist your guests will love! 

place 5.jpeg

6) Bud Jars

Another fun way to welcome your guests is a simplistic wildflower display. Place cards tucked into small bud jars filled with minimal wildflowers makes for a beautiful place setting. 

flower place.jpg

6) Mini Tequila

Maybe you want to get the party started a little early with your guests! You can't go wrong with these super cute tequila shots. Have guest's names printed on thick matte paper for added detail. 

We love the idea of having a lime slice and salt waiting for guests at their seats.

Guests will appreciate your extra attention to detail - whether you go with a more traditional place card or not. 

Comment which place card idea was your favorite. We'd love to hear from you. 

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

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