Place Cards You’ll Love

Whether it’s for a wedding or dinner party, place cards are a great way to show your personality or add a pop of color. I put together some fun place card finds I know you’ll love. From sophisticated to funny, you’ll find a unique place card idea with every scroll!


Kraft paper with hand stamped letters + clay holders and rosemary sprigs = a beautiful, memorable place card.


Personally, I’m such a sucker for geodes and sea glass. Select a color that coincides with your palette for added grandeur.


Wood burning place cards are absolutely charming. Add moss or rosemary to the edge with a dab of glue for a pop of winter green.

star wars.jpg

Is the droid (AKA place card) that you are looking for? Incorporate your or your spouse’s favorite film or book into your place card plans. It’s unforgettable and a fantastic way to showcase your personal faves!


Ok now, how cute is this little pupper?! Include your pet(s) into your reception design by having mini place holders for guests’ names.


I just loved these fun tassel escort cards - I had to include them in this post. Adding highly saturated tassels to your escort or place cards is a great way to have fun with your place setting without forfeiting your style.


A miniature origami boat filled with your favorite snack is a whimsical twist on the place card. Add your favorite candy (or go event further and discover what the guests’ favorite snack is!) Guests are sure to love this delightful snack.

Share your favorite place card design with us! We’d love to hear from you :)

always more to come! -Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell