Place Cards You’ll Love

Whether it’s for a wedding or dinner party, place cards are a great way to show your personality or add a pop of color. I put together some fun place card finds I know you’ll love. From sophisticated to funny, you’ll find a unique place card idea with every scroll!


Kraft paper with hand stamped letters + clay holders and rosemary sprigs = a beautiful, memorable place card.


Personally, I’m such a sucker for geodes and sea glass. Select a color that coincides with your palette for added grandeur.


Wood burning place cards are absolutely charming. Add moss or rosemary to the edge with a dab of glue for a pop of winter green.

star wars.jpg

Is the droid (AKA place card) that you are looking for? Incorporate your or your spouse’s favorite film or book into your place card plans. It’s unforgettable and a fantastic way to showcase your personal faves!


Ok now, how cute is this little pupper?! Include your pet(s) into your reception design by having mini place holders for guests’ names.


I just loved these fun tassel escort cards - I had to include them in this post. Adding highly saturated tassels to your escort or place cards is a great way to have fun with your place setting without forfeiting your style.


A miniature origami boat filled with your favorite snack is a whimsical twist on the place card. Add your favorite candy (or go event further and discover what the guests’ favorite snack is!) Guests are sure to love this delightful snack.

Share your favorite place card design with us! We’d love to hear from you :)

always more to come! -Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Choosing Your Wedding Party
Southerly Bride Tyler & her bridesmaids.   photo credit: Hannah Miller Photography

Southerly Bride Tyler & her bridesmaids.

photo credit: Hannah Miller Photography

We all know that wedding planning can be stressful, and one of the most important decisions that will be made throughout the entire process is who will go through the process with you. The people who will give you honest opinions, who will be your beck & call at any time of the day, and who will be a huge part of the memories formed throughout the wedding. 

So how do you even begin to choose who you want to stand by your side? We're here to give you a few tricks as well as to debunk some traditional guidelines that you might feel forced to follow (guess what... you don't have to). 

  1. Don't do it for the numbers
    Have you seen pictures of and been intimidated by the wedding party with 12 people on both sides? Or maybe you've felt pressured to only ask a few of your close friends when you have multiple that you want to ask? Orrr does your partner have 10 close friends but you only have 6?
    Forget. It. All. Instead of letting the numbers bog you down, be honest with yourself about who you want standing by your side. If the numbers on both sides don’t match, it is okay! It would be far worse in the long run to choose people you don’t necessarily want in your wedding party just so that you can have the numbers or if you left someone you really care about out because you didn’t want to have more hands than your partner.

  2. Don't be afraid of opposite sex party members
    This is controversial, because for the longest time bridesmaids and groomsmen were groups of all women and all men. This completely ignores the reality that women have best friends who are male and vice versa. While it is still not seen in every wedding, don’t let this keep you from asking who you really want to ask to stand by you. There are such things as a brides-man and a grooms-woman, and if you want that, you deserve that!

  3. Don't give in to pressure
    So much of the wedding planning process seems to be learning how to say “no” to ideas from everyone around you and figuring out how to stick up for you and your partners vision for the wedding. In the long run, we figure out that there are some details not worth the drama, and we let the parents or the in-laws or the best friend get the way they want. This is not one of those times. As much as your friend wants Suzy Q to be a bridesmaid too, or as much drama you know it is going to cause when you don’t choose a distanced friend, this is your time to stand strong. Don’t give in to that outside pressure and choose who you want for your party!

  4. Ask yourself if the stress is worth it
    We all have those friends…. We love them, but they love to stir up drama and sometimes if the attention is not constantly on them, they freak out. While during our daily life we learn how to best navigate and deal with this behavior, it might not be the best idea to bring that negativeness into the wedding planning season. I know, they’re one of your best friends and you don’t want them to be mad at you, but seriously take the time to weight the pros & cons. Ask yourself: How will he/she react to not being the center of attention, will he/she willingly (& kindly) help with whatever might need to be done, & do you trust them to not create a scene at the wedding?

  5. Go with your gut & choose those who you know will be there for you
    In summary, no one knows the support you need better than yourself. Be honest with your partner when discussing your wedding party and don’t close yourselves off to any options. Wedding planning can be very stressful, and you want to be surrounded by those who relieve that stress instead of add to it.

Photo Credit: T2 Photography

Photo Credit: T2 Photography


All the best,
Grace :)

Julia Maxwell
Best Spots To Honeymoon In The U.S.

After all of the hard work, planning and stressful decision making that went into your big day, it's time for you and your significant other to relax and get away! Looking to skip the stresses of passports and customs -or- don't have the luxury of getting 7+ days away from work and life? Consider some of these easy going honeymoon locations that are all in the USA. 

N O R T H E R N  -  S T A T E S

Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine is said to be the summer home of Pres. George H.W. Bush. From whale watching, sailing excursions to fine dining and shopping, this harbor town is "the place to be all year!" A quaint town that offers great relaxing beaches and a lot of sight seeing, you'll want a summer home here after visiting! 

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Sun, sand, towering resort hotels, the bustling Boardwalk, the awe-inspiring Atlantic - this is one beach party you don’t want to miss. The Atlantic City, New Jersey beaches are famous, and rightly so. You and your new hubby/wifey will have plenty to do during the day and night!

St. Michaels, Maryland

St. Michaels was voted one of the best harbor towns in America by USA Today. This charming town offers a coastal feel with a small town vibe. According to their visitor's website, they offer lots of activities from historic Skipjacks, kayaking, golfing and bicycling. St. Michaels is also known for exceptional restaurants, from quaint romantic bistros to waterfront restaurants, serving fresh seafood including famous crab cakes!

E A S T E R N  -  S T A T E S

Sevierville, Tennessee

A honeymoon getaway can be surprisingly affordable when your destination is the Smoky Mountains. This cost-effective destination is also good for the soul. Whether you just have time for a weekend escape or are seeking an extended stay, you can find whatever you need for a great getaway in Sevierville, TN. From relaxing mountain views to exciting outdoor experience for the more active couple, it has it all. 

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville offers a quiet and still retreat. For the couple that wants to sit back and relax somewhere other than a beach, this is the place for you. With splendid scenery and exclusive cabins Asheville will have you relaxed and refreshed in no time. 

Hot Springs, Virginia

Hot Springs is the perfect escape for the active couple. With the mountains and valleys bursting with both summer and winter activities such as horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, zip lining and ice skating, an adventure is always within easy reach regardless of the time of year.

S O U T H E R N  -  S T A T E S

Clearwater, Florida

You can't go wrong with this tropical paradise of Florida for your honeymoon! Clearwater provides delicious, fresh seafood, ice col drinks and sunny beaches. If you're looking to relax by the waves or live it up with the night life, this place has it all. 

Savannah, Georgia

This charming Southern town is boosting with art, period architecture, trendy boutiques and plenty of ghost stories that are all set under a veil of Spanish moss. If you want to discover a new town that feels like you've gone back in time, Savannah is the place. Explore the historic buildings, learn about its history and relax in this quiet town.

Orange Beach, Alabama

Complete with beautiful beaches, dolphin tours and decadent dining, the scenic Orange Beach is ready to welcome honeymooners to its tropical getaway. Walk the white beaches, go deep sea fishing, and discover the southern hospitality of the Gulf Coast. 

W E S T E R N  -  S T A T E S

Greenough, Montana

Montana is well known for its breathtaking views and fresh mountain air. However, you may have not heard of this specific town found on my list today. The town of Greenough houses The Resort at Paws. This luxury ranch resort is located in some of the most breathtaking country in the world. With activities for all seasons, Greenough can offer finds for both the laid back and active couple. From rock climbing and hiking to spas and luxury dining, you have to check this place out.

Malibu, California

Malibu is known for its magnificent celebrity homes and beaches, including wide and sandy Zuma Beach (a major sun magnet for locals). Honeymoon here for the private beaches, upscale dining experiences and unforgettable wine tastings. For the couple who wants a celebrity-like vacation, Malibu is the place to go.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is "a mountain playground like no other" for a reason. Saturated with culture, awe-inspiring views, and nearly 8,000 feet above sea level, this place is definitely for the dynamic and sporty couple. With an endless amount of outdoor activities and stunning landscapes, Aspen will offer an anything but ordinary adventure.

Putting this honeymoon (or just regular vacation) collection together for you guys was so much fun! So, where did you honeymoon? Do you have any tips for the upcoming newlyweds? We'd love to hear about your personal experiences. 

always more to come! -Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Bridal Shower Outfits

Let's talk bridal shower outfits. From modern trends to classic looks, we've put together some our favorite looks for the bride to be! Scroll down for style inspiration for yourself or one of your friends. 

Sleek Jumpsuits

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 9.39.28 PM.png

Something Blue

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.26.08 PM.png

Cool Rompers

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 9.42.42 PM.png

Fun Florals

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.05.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.06.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.08.52 PM.png

Lovely Lace

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 9.48.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 9.46.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 9.55.52 PM.png

Playful Patterns

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.43.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.45.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.52.28 PM.png

We hope you loved our fave bridal shower outfits compilation today! Share what you wore for your shower or tell us which one would be your top pick. 

always more to come! - Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Kaylyn & Tyler - Real Southerly Wedding

This summer has been one full of the most beautiful weddings & couples. Kaylyn & Tyler got married on June 23rd at First Baptist of Opelika and then everyone came to The Southerly Warehouse to continue the celebration! This precious couple radiated kindness and it was apparent how loved they were by how happy and supportive all the guests were. Alex and Dylan Photos did the most amazing job capturing this day as you'll be able to see in these breath taking pictures. There were so many sweet details put into this wedding & we cannot wait for you to see them! Our favorite details? The sweet personalized cookies for everyone to take home & (of course) the surprise Grease "You're The One That I Want" Dance! 

Okay when we said beautiful couples... we meant it, look how stunning they are!


Kaylyn & Tyler gave each other personalized bibles with love letters inside... I'm not crying, you are!


They spent their entire day surrounded by so many people who love & adore them and who were thrilled to be celebrating them!


Take a look at these gorgeous, handmade details that filled the reception!


We absolutely love how they used our industrial shelf as a way to display pictures of them as children & throughout their time dating!


Look. At. Those. Cakes.




This crowd did not disappoint when it came to dancing, they danced the night away!


Sending off Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Lawrence!

Kaylyn & Tyler, thank you so much for letting us play a part in one of the most important days of your life! We were in awe of your free spirits & we wish you so much happiness in your future. 
Grace Moody
The Coolest Wedding Toppers We Have Ever Seen

You don't need much to make a cake great.... I mean it's cake, right? But we have come across some of the coolest cake toppers and wanted to share them with you as inspiration for your own wedding cake (or birthday, anniversary, or really any excuse there is to eat cake). Your cake topper is an opportunity to be super unique and to let your individual personality as well as your personality as a couple shine through. We hope that these photos help to get your creative juices flowing as you plan your own wedding!



Photo credit:    Letters to You

Photo credit: Letters to You

Photo Credits:  Steel Petal Press

Photo Credits: Steel Petal Press

Photo Credit:  Confetti Day Dreams

Photo Credit: Confetti Day Dreams


Photo Credit:  BRIDES

Photo Credit: BRIDES

Photo Credit:  Etsy

Photo Credit: Etsy

Photo Credit:  Etsy

Photo Credit: Etsy


Photo Credit:  Wedding Wire

Photo Credit: Wedding Wire

Photo Credit:  Belle The Magazine

Photo Credit: Belle The Magazine

Photo Credit:  BRIDES

Photo Credit: BRIDES


Photo Credit:  June Bug Weddings

Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Photo Credit:  Etsy

Photo Credit: Etsy

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Photo Credits:  Chic Vintage Bride

Photo Credits: Chic Vintage Bride

Photo Credit:  Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit:  BHDLN

Photo Credit: BHDLN


Photo Credit:  Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit:  Crazy For Us

Photo Credit: Crazy For Us


Photo Credit:  Woman Getting Married

Photo Credit: Woman Getting Married

Photo Credit:  June Bug Weddings

Photo Credit: June Bug Weddings

Photo Credit:  Martha Stewart Weddings


Photo Credit:  The Knot

Photo Credit: The Knot

Photo Credit:  S+L Weddings

Photo Credit: S+L Weddings

Photo Credit:  Novelty Birthday Cakes


Photo Credit:  From The Hip Photo

Photo Credit: From The Hip Photo

Photo Credit:  Cake Central

Photo Credit: Cake Central

Photo Credit:  diply

Photo Credit: diply


Photo Credit:  Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit:  Tip Hero

Photo Credit: Tip Hero

Photo Credit:  Ondine

Photo Credit: Ondine

Wishing you the best!

-grace moody

Grace Moody
Ten Desserts Outside The Box

We all know wedding cakes are delicious, but what if you want to offer guests a more unique dessert experience? I'm talking about desserts literally outside of the box. Let's take a look at some memorable dessert options that put a fun twist on the classic wedding cake. 

1. cannolis


you don't have to be italian to appreciate a cannoli tower. these delicious hand helds will leave a lasting impression with all of your guests.

Image Credit: Wedding Elation Ice Cream cups


ice cream is the most popular dessert in the united states for a reason: people love it. offer guests neat, pre-scooped ice cream jars with lots of topping choices. 

Image Credit: Wilkie

3. Chocolate Berry Cakes


chocolate and berries are always a wining duo. present guests with these stunning bite sized desserts that are both delicious and photogenic.


Image Credit: Intimate Weddings

4. milk & cookies


milk and cookies are an inseparable pair. style the timeless dynamic duo with a shooter glass and patterned paper straw for an extra pop of color.

Image Credit:: Wilkie

5. Macarons


macaron? yes, please! get creative with the color scheme of your macaron tower to leave guests in awe of the presentation. whether you do classic all ivory, ombre or rainbow, you can't go wrong with this airy dessert option.

Image Credit:: Wilkie

6. Cotton candy sticks


fluffy cotton candy is hardly resistible for anyone. serve the nostalgic dessert on a colorful paper straw or stand for beautiful photos. go crazy with flavors and color to give guests multiple options. 

Image Credit: Tastemade

7. petits fours


take your dessert to the next level with personalized petits fours. whether you add your wedding logo, date or couple initials, these desserts carry a definite wow factor everyone will love.

Image Credit: Bon Bon

8. Mini pies

Mini Pies in a Cupcake Tin_16x9.jpg

offer mini versions of your favorite pie flavors as an adorable option for something sweet.

Image Credit: Delicious

9. Banana cream jars


hello, sweet southern cooking! banana cream pie is a definite crowd pleaser for any event. this savory dessert is sure to have guests asking for more.

Image Credit: Delish

10.Dainty Dougnuts


pass out these traditional breakfast treats as a fun dessert with coffee to accompany it. either skewered on coffee spoons or set in dainty piles, guests are sure to circle back for more.

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it! Be sure to comment which cake alternative was your favorite. 

always more to come!

-Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Choosing Your Color Palette

You're newly engaged, it's one of the most exciting times of your life to date, and you cannot wait to start planning a wedding. BUT you're already being bombarded by questions from everyone from your family to the barista who spotted the ring on your finger. 


The main questions you will run into are: "what's your wedding date?", "where are you getting married?", and "what is your color palette?"All of these come with their own complications, but the third is much more open ended and ultimately is the decision that shapes the style & mood of your wedding.

Kind of intimidating, right? 

Well your friends at The Southerly Warehouse have come up with our own guide you to help you decide!

1. What season are you getting married in?

When you search wedding palettes, you will most likely find that they are often described by a season. Below are some of the colors most popular for each season, as well as colors that work well no matter what season it is!


Screenshot (6).png

Your winter colors will be darker and cooler. Lots of blues, greens & purples as well as dark reds that go well with the holidays and the cooler weather.


Screenshot (7).png

Spring is the time for pastels, of any and every color! Flowers are blooming and leaves are growing back, it's all very soft & new.


Screenshot (4).png

Summer is the opportune time to be bright & bold. Hot pink, lime green, aqua blue, the list goes on and on. As the temperature increases people tend to wear brighter colored clothing that doesn't absorb as much heat as darker colors would, so summertime has been marked by those bright colors.


Screenshot (2).png

The colors of Fall very directly reflect the colors of the leaves as they start to change color. It is a very earthy color palette filled with dark greens and browns as well as toned down shades of red. 

Colors for all seasons:

Screenshot (8).png

These neutral colors pair well with any season and are good to use as base colors. They can also serve as a starting block if you are unsure of where to begin! 

2. Is your wedding traditonal & romantic, modern & chic, or boho & carefree (or none of the above)?

If you are unsure of your color palette, but instead have a style or atmosphere that you want for your wedding day, you can fit your colors to your style instead of vice versa. Below are some inspiration photos of bouquets & wedding decor that will show you some staple colors for various types of weddings. 

Traditional & Romantic: 

This style is dominated by a lot of pure white and ivory, with touches of light pink and orange throughout. Pair that with a lot of greenery & you are on your way to a wedding that feels timeless and classic. 

Modern & Chic: 

The colors that appear often in a modern wedding are green, gold, white, and black. This allows for the use of interesting, geometric centerpieces as well as the use of succulents to add a twist to your flowers.

VIA:  MYwedding

Boho & Carefree

A more carefree wedding has multiple pops of color (pinks, reds, oranges, whatever!) as well as a wider variety of decor and color shades that all fit together in a beautiful way. 

If you are considering a style different from these, we suggest you research bouquets or decor from whatever style fits you best! This will help to give you inspiration on what color scheme best fits your special day.

3. What is your favorite color?

I think that this is the most important question of them all! What color do you find most in your closet? What color would you say describes you as a person, or you & your loved one as a couple? What color have you always found yourself drawn to? 

INCLUDE THIS COLOR IN YOUR WEDDING PALETTE. This cannot be stressed enough. 

If you love love love light blue, but your parents love red, and your grandmother says you can't have light blue for a Winter wedding, and your best friend's favorite color is pink... go with light blue. 

This is your day, no one else's, and it should ultimately be a reflection of your own style. Taking your favorite color and pairing it with an "all" color is the perfect start to a palette as well as a good way to begin making other decisions if you feel lost on where to start!

All in all, choose colors that make you happy, and when you look back in ten years on your wedding day you are certain you made the right decision!

wishing you the best!

-grace moody

Grace Moody
Realistic DIY Favors

Showing your guests appreciation for their attendance is important when it comes to proper wedding etiquette. Yet, a lot of couples do not plan ahead for the cost of their favors. These great DIY favors are sure to leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank! 


Canned jams or jellies are great for any season wedding. Whether you do a classic grape jelly, savory fig spread or a peppered strawberry jam (like I did) you can't go wrong. I ordered my homemade jams (pictured below) from the local Kathy Tucker and her brand Nana's Pantry. I bought thank you labels and twine from Hobby Lobby and ordered custom stickers online for the lids. It was so easy to put together and guests loved them! 


Sweet Tea Kit

Gather your favorite sweet tea brew and add some small packets of sugar to make an adorable customized sweet tea kit. Print out brewing instructions and labels at home for your box. Add a colored ribbon or bow to tie in your wedding colors and let your guests enjoy!

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.01.58 AM.png

Hot Sauce

Thank your guests for spicing up your night by spicing up theirs! First, buy large bottles of your favorite hot sauce(s). Order miniature glass bottles and labels online. Transfer your hot sauce to the mini bottles and add the labels. Guests will love this unique favor! 



We love these adorable jars of popcorn kernels! Buy the kernels in bulk and add them to the jar of your choice. Tie patterned fabric or kraft paper to the top of the lid for an added pop! 


Spicy Dip Mix

These adorable dip mixes carry a tasty punch guests are sure to love. Put the spices in small glass vials and tie labels to the top for even more cuteness. Something Turquoise has a variety of yummy recipes here

spice dip.jpg

Trail Mix

We all know opposites attract - like sweet and salty! Buy small goodie bags and print the label of your choice at home on card stock for a savory favor.


Cocoa Mix

Warm up guests at your fall or winter wedding with these super cute cocoa kits. Drop in marshmallows and caramel cubes for an added detail. 


Share your favorite DIY wedding favor idea with others! 

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Stunning Invitations We Love

Looking for the newest invitation trends? You've come to the right place! We've put together some of our favorite designs so far this year that we know you'll love. Scroll down to see some beautiful invites perfect for the modern event! 

Let's Map It Out


Via: Pernikahan

Laser Cuts


Via: Fab Fun Brides

Dark Romantic


Via: La Happy

dark blooms styled shoot.jpeg

Via: Easy Sixth

A Pop of Color


Via: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Acrylic Invites


Via: Oh So Beautiful

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Should You Do A First Look?

As the wedding day approaches, couples are faced with an important decision: should they do a first look or not? There are many factors to consider when choosing what will work best for you. And at The Southerly Warehouse, we are here to help! 

KaraandLogan(85of558) (1).jpg

Southerly Bride Kara & Husband Logan  /  Photo Credit: Wes Roberts Photography

Seeing each other at the altar for the first time is a special moment that is charming and timeless. Many couples hold onto tradition by waiting until the ceremony to see one another. But have you ever wondered how this tradition began?

I absolutely love the way Liz Susong from explains the origin of the superstition: "Picture this: You're an Elizabethan-era father who scraped together enough goats and cows to make a compelling dowry for your teenage daughter, and you're this close to getting her married to the fella down the street. You've been negotiating with his family for months, and you've nearly got it in the bag. The last thing you would want is for the groom-to-be to catch a glimpse of your daughter the morning of the wedding and realize that—bless her heart—she's a homely thing. Why, if he saw her before the very second she arrived at the altar, he might run, and now wouldn't that be bad luck? Better to be safe than sorry—you have your daughter don a veil, too. Now there's no way he can make a quick getaway as she treks down the aisle. Phew!" 


Southerly Bride Kristian & Husband Micah

So maybe we're not living in the Elizabethan-era anymore *queue sigh of relief* but holding onto certain wedding traditions can be endearing. And now that we know why it all began, let's talk about the pros and cons of opting in or out of a first look.

Delaying The Look For The Altar

Are you a couple who values tradition and customs? Choosing to wait to see each other until the altar is a classic choice for your big day. But choosing to wait means you will be sharing your special moment with everyone else at the ceremony. 

Some couples prefer not to show their immediate emotions from the "big reveal" with all of their guests. It's important to talk with your partner about their comfort level. 


Southerly Bride Madison & Husband Taylor  /  Photo Credit: T2 Photography

Opting In For A First Look

Choosing to have a first look allows private time for you and your significant other. Calm your possible pre-ceremony nerves and share an intimate moment before the long day of events gets going. 

Having a first look is also great because you can get your couple photos out of the way! Rather than make your guests wait for you to get your photos done, you can get them done ahead of time. Many couples choose to have a first look to assist with their day of timeline and ensure they get enough couple photos.


Southerly Bride Elizabeth & Husband Aaron  / Photo Credit: Jaclyn Nolin Photography

Meet In The Middle

So what if you are still on the fence about doing a first look? If you can't decide, we recommend a compromise! Talking to each other around the corner or on the other side of a door, allows couples to experience being together before the ceremony while holding onto tradition. It's a great way to get some pre-ceremony couple photos without forfeiting convention.


Southerly Bride Taylor & Husband Grae  /  Photo Credit: Sarah Marie Photos

A Fun Twist

Maybe you want to have a first look with a little spin. We love how Southerly bride Tyler and husband Trent welcomed their first look with a shot of tequila and lime! This was the perfect pre-ceremony choice for this fun couple. 

Talk to your significant other to see how you can incorporate a custom theme to your first look. 


Southerly Bride Tyler & Husband Trent  /  Photo Credit: Hannah Miller Photography

As a bride to be, whether you choose an intimate first look or wait to see each other at the ceremony, we'd love to hear your choice and why!

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Unique Wedding Altars

Here at The Southerly Warehouse, we decided to spend our Monday morning being creative. Grace and I (you guys will meet Grace soon) put together some memorable wedding altars that are sure to leave your guests in awe.

Wedding altars have really changed throughout the years. From classic crosses inside the church to floating terrariums in nature, there is no limit to the creativity. Scroll down to check out these fresh ideas we think you'll love and share which ones are your favorites!

1. Circular Arches : the perfect pick for the symbolic bride

arch wed.jpg

Via: Style Me Pretty

2. Geometrical Altars: a refreshing take on the classic altar


Via: Junebug Weddings

3. Floating Altars : a whimsical choice for the modern bride


Via: Wedding One

4. Neon Backdrops : an eye catching altar for the fun bride


Via: Brides

neon sign.jpg
til .jpg

Via: Aisle Society

5. Sheer Altars : a romantic background for the classical bride


Credit Unknown


Via: Victoria Bonvicini Photography


Via: Brides

We hope you enjoyed our unique finds for modern day altars! Be sure to check back soon for more inspiration. 

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

As a bride, you choose to surround yourself with bridesmaids and friends who are supportive and there when you need them the most. Whether they help you fold the programs, pack the favors up or listen to you vent about all those unanswered RSVPs, it's important to show your appreciation. At The Southerly, we've put together some fun ideas we think you'll love! 

1. Personalized Jewelry Boxes


The company known as Foxblossom has these charming jewelry boxes that would be the perfect keepsake for your girls. You can customize the boxes with your bridesmaids' first names, first initials or choose a classic monogram. I love the elegant look of these. You can view their products and order here.

2. Beach Totes

bm gift etsy.jpg

If you're planning a wedding for the spring or summer time, your bridesmaids will love a useful beach tote. Customized or not, totes are great for the beach, gym or work. Click here to view more totes from this adorable Etsy shop!

3. Wine Tumblers


Whether your wedding is happening during the warmer or cooler months, your girls could all use an insulated tumbler. These dusty rose gold tumblers from Etsy are sure to keep their lemonade chilled in the summer and their cocoa hot in the winter. Click here to view more. 

4. Fuzzy Socks


Who doesn't love super comfy fuzzy socks?! Personally, I'm a huge fan. Your bridesmaids will appreciate some comfy socks for the morning of the big day. Click here to see more of their products. 

5. Pajama Shorts


I love this little twist on the classic monogrammed bridesmaid robes! Matching pajama shorts are great gift that your girls will love. You can shop their extra cute pajamas here! They have lots of colors and fonts to choose from.

We hope you loved these few cute ways to say thank you to your bridesmaids. Share your gift ideas with us and other brides in the comments. 

always more to come! 
Julia Maxwell
Mr. & Mrs. Etheredge - Real Southerly Wedding

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." - George Sand

Brandon and Charlsie became one surrounded by their friends and family on May 12th, 2018.

And let me tell you guys, this couple is truly goals. The way they look at each other & how they love one another - it's a rare find. It was so great being a part of their day and I'm excited to share it with you all!

Sarah Marie Photos

Charlsie and Brandon's wedding featured bright pops of sunflowers and greenery amongst their black and white theme. A classic feel with a fun twist was apparent throughout their day. 

During her planning process, Charlsie said she wanted to have a Pinterest worthy wedding when everything was said and done. And trust me when I say she pulled it off. We loved Charlsie's style from day one - and it's easy to see why! 


Upon their arrival, guests were able to highlight their favorite Bible verse for the bride and groom to look back on. The colorful tabs acted as their guest book. 

We loved this new twist on a classic guest book! Highlighting a favorite verse or choosing one for advice for the newlyweds made it personal and unique for guests.


Guests were given individual succulent plants for favors to "let love grow" long after Brandon & Charlsie's big day. 

The vintage ladder was turned into a tiered shelf for an adorable display of their favors.

A candle burned in loving memory of those who were present in spirit for their wedding day. The flame burned for those who are forever present in their hearts but never forgotten in their minds. 

Breakfast stations offered guests varieties of biscuits, jams, mini chicken waffles and much more. 

Julia's Pro Tip: Breakfast is becoming a popular option for wedding reception meals. It's an unique and fun way to keep your reception memorable. 

You may be asking yourself, why is the bride doing someone else's makeup on her wedding day? Well, fun fact: Charlsie is actually a (very talented) makeup artist! 

The bride curated her own wedding look as well as those of others in her wedding party. You can check out some of her work here after you finish checking out her big day.


Sarah Marie Photos

Charlsie was stunning in her simplistically classic wedding gown. We loved her headband and sweet curls. 


The couple did a first look in the upstairs of our Bless You Building. With lots of natural light and gorgeous brick walls, it was the perfect spot for their special moment.

Choosing to do a first look prior to your wedding ceremony is a great way to get plenty of photos of the bride and groom pre-ceremony! 

In lieu of a traditional wedding cake, the couple chose to have a donut board! This wedding was full of fun, new approaches to classic wedding ideas. 


Sarah Marie Photos

Rather than choosing the usual sparkler send off, Charlsie incorporated snow like confetti for their send off! It was such a fairytale. 

We loved being a part of Mr. & Mrs. Etheredge's big day. From the yummy breakfast food to the attention to detail, it was absolutely stunning from start to finish. 

Congrats again to the happy couple - we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness! 

always more to come! 
Julia Maxwell
Mr. & Mrs. Globetti - Real Southerly Wedding

Tyler & Trent tied the knot earlier this month on Cinco De Mayo. Their wedding ceremony was intimate, unique and unforgettable.

This couple was so much fun to work with from start to end! We loved Tyler's fun style and easy going spirit. Scroll down to get a peek of their big day! 



The bride and groom chose to have their ceremony in our Chandelier Room. Their backdrop was personalized for a more romantic look with vertical hanging greenery. 

Their intimate ceremony was perfect for Tyler and Trent. 

DSC_0169 raw edit.jpg

The reception tables were made complete with fruitwood folding chairs, gold votives and velvet citron linens. Tori Brinson Design designed the floral centerpieces that tied all of the warm hues together perfectly. 

DSC_0081 raw edit.jpg
DSC_0245 raw edit.jpg
DSC_0568 raw edit.jpg
DSC_0122 raw edit.jpg

The catering was provided by Taco Mama which gave nod to the Cinco De Mayo feel. Nachos, tacos and guacamole were all guests needed for this fun reception.

And let's not forget about the delicious desserts! 

Tyler chose to offer guests a variety of cake flavors and options - but one stood out to me in particular. Notice anything unusual about one of the cakes? 

Hint: One of them is not a cake at all!

DSC_0315 raw edit.jpg
DSC_0669 raw edit.jpg

As it turns out, the groom is not a huge fan of sweets. So, the bride had a custom cornbread "cake" made instead! 

With layers of queso and a pop of jajalpeno peppers, this groom's cake was sure to make a statement. We loved how Tyler made sure Trent had a groom's cake that was just right and not too sweet.

DSC_0658 raw edit.jpg

We loved getting share Cinco De Mayo with such a great group of people. There was no grand sparkler send off for the newlywed couple - just two people surrounded by their family and friends for a night filled with fun and laughter.

Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Globetti, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Salud! 

always more to come!
Julia Maxwell
Creative Place Card Ideas

Let's talk place cards and escort cards! First off, what's the difference? 

Place cards contain the name of your guest and are placed at their specific seat. Guests locate their fixed assigned seat by finding their place card. 

Wedding Wire says, "for couples hosting a plated dinner, place cards often make it easier for the serving staff to bring the correct meals to the guests—the place card can also be marked with their entrée choice." 

classic place card on plate

classic place card on plate

In comparison, escort cards show guests their assigned reception table rather than a specific seat. Escort cards allow guests to pick their seat at the table you choose for them. 

escort card shows assigned table

escort card shows assigned table

Out of town visitors (who may not know many other guests at your event) will find it helpful to have a predetermined seat or table. Both place cards and escort cards can leave a lasting impression with guests. 

But place cards do not have to be on actual cards! Switch things up and get creative with your assigned seating. Below are some of our favorite unique place and escort cards we know you'll love! 

1) Succulents

Using succulents to assign your seating is a memorable way to welcome guests to your reception. 

Julia's Pro Tip: These fun succulents double as wedding favors! Let guests carry their succulents to their seats and take them home after your send off. 


2) Agates

We love the idea of using agates in the place of traditional paper cards. There are a wide variety of colors offered for agates and geodes. From pink to blue and purple, you are sure to find the color that compliments your color scheme. 

place card.jpg

3) Marble Hexagons

It's no surprise that marble is trending right now. We love incorporating the marble pattern with geometrical shapes. These place cards are sure to make a big impression with all of your guests. Plus, they double as customized coasters! 

Click here to DIY these gorgeous marble hexagons. 

place 7.jpg

4) Real Leaves

In contrast to the take home "place card" ideas, we also love a great disposable place card design.

Using real leaves is a fresh twist your guests will love! 

place 5.jpeg

6) Bud Jars

Another fun way to welcome your guests is a simplistic wildflower display. Place cards tucked into small bud jars filled with minimal wildflowers makes for a beautiful place setting. 

flower place.jpg

6) Mini Tequila

Maybe you want to get the party started a little early with your guests! You can't go wrong with these super cute tequila shots. Have guest's names printed on thick matte paper for added detail. 

We love the idea of having a lime slice and salt waiting for guests at their seats.

Guests will appreciate your extra attention to detail - whether you go with a more traditional place card or not. 

Comment which place card idea was your favorite. We'd love to hear from you. 

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

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Mr. & Mrs. Wascom - Real Southerly Wedding

Wedding season is the most wonderful time of the year at The Southerly Warehouse. And I'll be honest with you guys, this wedding was one of my favorites thus far. From the beautiful bride and her precious family to her stunning color palette choice, this wedding was so fun and special to be a part of.

With deep maroons and playful pops of green, this spring wedding is giving us all the feels! Brooke and Alex are the definition of true love and we are so excited to share their day with you! 


How gorgeous are those bridal garters?! Brooke's style was complete wedding goals to say the least. I love when engagement photos are incorporated in close up shots. 

And did you spot the stylish perfume in the first picture? As most of you know, fragrance is a huge memory trigger. We love when brides choose a special perfume for their wedding day (especially when it photographs beautifully!).

Julia's Pro Tip: If you are still searching for the right perfume for your big day I would check out this article by The Knot. 

Brooke and her ladies got ready in our bridal suite the morning of the wedding. We loved their matching silk robes. Her bridesmaids were so helpful the night of the rehearsal dinner and morning of the wedding.

There was a little delay with the slide show for the rehearsal dinner and her girls jumped right in with me to get the problem solved. Having a solid group of ladies around you can absolutely make your day that much easier. 


It was SO difficult for me to pick which photos to choose to share from this wedding. I loved spending my weekend with this bride and her girls. 

Personally, I like sharing some of the "behind the scene" photos. The bridal suite is where the magic happens. The sweet smell of Mimosas and hairspray fills the air while lipstick goes on and you know it's going to be a good day.

DSC-98 (1).jpg

Brooke was stunning in her timeless gown from Densons Dresses - Bridal. The scalloped lace edging and deep v-back were perfect for this spring bride. 

From the hair and makeup to the veil and smile, you can't help but swoon over these bridal portraits!


Alex and Brooke's ceremony took place at the First Baptist Church of Opelika - but not before sweet Camden got to see his mom! He was so handsome in his wedding suit. And look at that sweet kiss! 


The pews were filled with family and friends as the couple became one. You can spot the joy filled smiles and tears as Brooke's dad walks her down the aisle. 

Following their ceremony, the reception was held in our Chandelier Room. With antique lanterns and simple greenery on some tables with tall floral arrangements on others, guests were welcomed into a striking reception hall.


And speaking of the reception, how can I not mention this first dance?

First dances are always a special moment for the bride and groom. Brooke and Alex shared their first dance as husband and wife embracing each other in such a sweet way.

Their love and happiness could be seen throughout the whole day and night. Following their first dances, guests were welcomed into the dining room to enjoy some delicious food and to dance the night away! 


And after guests had their fair share of dancing, they could grab their wedding favor of wedding cake! I loved this idea in lieu of a traditional favor for guests. 

Providing personalized mini to-go boxes allowed guests to take away some tasty dessert for later. This also ensured that any leftover cake would not go to waste. 


Leaving their fun-filled night with sparklers, the newlyweds were cheered on by guests as they celebrated one last time before their exit. 

We wish Brooke and Alex all the best in their marriage and nothing but happiness in life. We were so lucky to be a part of your day and look forward to your many years of wedded bliss as Mr. & Mrs. Wascom. 

Photography by the talented Sarah Marie Photos

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Kristian & Micah - Real Southerly Wedding

At The Southerly Warehouse, we absolutely love getting to share the real weddings that take place in our event space. A few months ago we hosted the beautiful wedding and reception of Mr. & Mrs. Hatley.

With a classic black and white color scheme, surrounded by their family and friends, Kristian and Micah tied the knot in our Chandelier Room. Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous details! 

Kristian & micah's rings

Kristian & micah's rings

bridal portrait at the Southerly Warehouse

bridal portrait at the Southerly Warehouse

Kristian and Micah chose to have their ceremony in our timeless Chandelier Room. With original windows, antique chandeliers and exposed brick, this room provided the perfect romantic setting for their ceremony. 

ceremony set up in the chandelier room.

ceremony set up in the chandelier room.

the bride and her father 

the bride and her father 

the bride and her mom

the bride and her mom

We loved the attention to detail with the ceremony aisle! Styled with soft candles on both sides, the warm lighting paired flawlessly with the antique chandeliers. 

the bride makes her entrance down a romantic aisle styled with candles and lighting on the exposed brick backdrop. 

the bride makes her entrance down a romantic aisle styled with candles and lighting on the exposed brick backdrop. 

Kristian was absolutely stunning in her lace wedding gown. With the bridesmaids and groomsmen in all black, all eyes were on the beautiful, beaming bride.

congrats to mr. & mrs. hatley! 

congrats to mr. & mrs. hatley! 

It was such an honor to host Kristian and Micah's special wedding ceremony!

With freshly cooked perogies, a dessert shelf and great music, the reception was so much fun! Black linens paired with white chairs made a beautiful contrast for this reception.

A few of the reception tables ready for guests to take their seats. 

A few of the reception tables ready for guests to take their seats. 

Sparklers are ready for the send off for the newly weds! 

Sparklers are ready for the send off for the newly weds! 

Styled with gold votives and candles, the send off table was placed directly next to the exit doors. This placement allowed guests to quickly and easily grab a sparkler for the bride and groom send off.

The Southerly Warehouse staff assisted in lighting the sparklers for this sweet couple's send off.

sparklers + outdoor courtyard = a romantic ending to the perfect day 

sparklers + outdoor courtyard = a romantic ending to the perfect day 

Congrats again to Mr. & Mrs. Hatley! We were so lucky to have been a part of your special day. We wish you all the best! 

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
Sweet September

Fall is one of the most popular times to have a wedding. From crisp falling leaves to breathtaking colors and dependable weather, fall is a timeless constant for a stunning, memorable wedding.

Nothing says fall quite like gorgeous candied apples! Offer guests small, bite sized slices of candied apples for cocktail hour for a special added touch of fall.

Nothing says fall quite like gorgeous candied apples! Offer guests small, bite sized slices of candied apples for cocktail hour for a special added touch of fall.

With fall being such a popular time for weddings, October books up fast! Already at The Southerly we are fully booked for all Saturdays in October. But have no fear - alternatives are here. Rather than missing out on your perfect fall wedding, look to a September instead.

The month of September brings about soft scents of vanilla, cinnamon and pumpkin spice. The summer slowly comes to an end while fall is just beginning. With a September wedding, brides have the option of a pleasant outdoor or indoor ceremony and reception.

With an early September date chosen, you can lean towards more of a summer themed wedding. From bright shades of coral to little pops of yellow, an early September weekend can mirror summer vibes while still being appropriate.

Pink lemonade is a refreshing welcome for your guests.

Pink lemonade is a refreshing welcome for your guests.

We love this clean looking place setting - perfect for a summer feel table top.

We love this clean looking place setting - perfect for a summer feel table top.

In contrast, when choosing a later September date, you have the opportunity to plan a wedding with deep shades of bronzes, orange and red.

Fall weddings bring gorgeous outdoor photography options. 

Fall weddings bring gorgeous outdoor photography options. 

I love this natural leaf place card look!

I love this natural leaf place card look!

We love this deeply saturated design that showcases a stunning fall place setting. 

We love this deeply saturated design that showcases a stunning fall place setting. 

Julia’s Pro Tip: For a more summer feel, you can go with a coral and mint combo shown above! And for a more fall vibe, choosing deep shades of orange and red compliment each other perfectly with hints of bronze and gold.

While October is one of the driest months of the year, September offers a reliable weather forecast. In our Auburn-Opelika area, September is shown to have an average high temp of 84°F and an average low temp of 64°F. The weather is dry, cool and reliable - what more could a bride ask for?

So if you are leaning towards an early fall wedding or a late summer feel, September is your month! Contact The Southerly Warehouse to inquire about our available September dates here.

always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell
The Sunday Wedding Trend

The day of the week that comes to mind when one thinks of a wedding is usually Saturday. But Saturday takes a step to the side with the newest wedding trend: Sunday weddings! 

As our Fridays and Saturdays begin to become reserved at The Southerly, those hoping to have their event at The Southerly Warehouse may want to consider a Sunday date.

Sunday weddings allow brides to have more options when it comes to booking top vendors. Have your heart set on a particular venue, caterer or cake baker? Many of them may already booked on peak days such as Friday or Saturday.

However, a Sunday option opens up the availability! Sunday weddings can also be more affordable and easier for brides to book their choice vendors.

Sunday weddings can offer brides many unique options for the reception theme. For example, a top trending Sunday reception idea is for a brunch. With light finger foods and delicious mimosas or Bloody Mary’s, the possibilities for a brunch reception are nearly endless.

We love the look of this "love you a brunch" wedding reception set-up! Offer your guests mini waffles, tasty jams and savory croissants for a memorable experience.

Tie in shades of green and exposed wood for a light brunch feel. We know your guests will love it!


always more to come!

- Julia Maxwell

Julia Maxwell